• Not satisfied until the client is
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Personal contact


Years of experience (35 to be exact!), have enabled us to accumulate great knowledge about transport markets all over Europe, although we are particularly proud of our profound and up-to-date insight in freight forwarding tendencies within the CIS countries, Eastern Europe and the Middle East – areas that over the years have come to constitute the foundation of Soka Spedition activities.  

When Soka Spedition started out 35 years ago, our strategy was to create a healthy and profitable business, where clients and partners were met with expertise, great service and personal dedication. These traits still to this day define our strategy. Thus, as a client or partner you can rest assured, that we aim to provide you with the service and personal attention your business deserves. 

In order to keep our clients satisfied at all times, we at Soka Spedition strive to complete even the smallest tasks with great care. This meticulous approach emphasizes to the client that, he or she is not merely ‘one amongst others’.

Our point of reference is a common objective that we are not satisfied until the client is.

Since 1982, our approach has been to uphold honest and long-term relations, which benefit every link in the transport chain. In addition, our strategy is to remain an attractive and versatile workplace that succeeds in attracting dedicated employees that, both on a short and long-term basis are capable of further evolving Soka Spedition. 


“Through competitive pricing and dedicated focus towards personal service, we intend to create value for our clients that is above the general market level.”